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Important Announcement-

 As of August 9, the partnership of Scribbles & Giggles will be ending.  We will be transitioning over to Little Beans.  The changes to all of you will be minimal.  This website will remain published through July so that you can stay informed about Happy Hours & summer programs.  Please link onto the new website-
2015 day programs. If your child is on a list to attend future day programs, they will automatically be transitioned into Little Beans.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

A BIG thanks to all of our past & present families that have made us a success!  We'd never be where we are today without you!  We're so happy to have you all as part of our Scribbles family.

Scribbles & Giggles

Scribbles & Giggles is an early childhood center located in Minersville.  Our goal is to provide area children with fun & creative programs.  We offer many different programs, including-

- 3 hour day programs for ages 2.5-5

-evening Happy Hours for children ages 18 months & their parents

-unique summer programs for 
ages 2-7

Scribbles & Giggles

Our inspiration for Scribbles & Giggles came from our own children.  We wanted to create a place where children could learn, socialize, be creative, and have fun! 
We started with our day programs in 2006. Although we wanted the children to learn the basic skills needed for future years, of course, we wanted the basis of our program to be  FUN!  We also wanted to do this as a program so that parents have an alternative to full-day & daycares. 

As time went on, we realized that there was a need for other programs for different age ranges.  We have since added more programs.  We have both worked hard at designing a center that we're proud to offer you & your children.  We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do! 

About Us

Scribbles & Giggles opened in 2006 by Jen Boyle & Donette Kerschner to provide the youngest children in Minersville & surrounding communities with quality fun creative programs. 

Jen Boyle has a BA in Social Work from Shippensburg .  She previously taught preschool at a local day care center.  She is the mother of three boys.  Donette Kerschner previously worked at a local day care center.  She is the mother of two daughters.  
Scribbles & Giggles now offers various programs throughout the year for children ages 18 months-7 years of age.   

Scribbles & Giggles
501 Sunbury Street
(570) 544-6532

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